March 13, 2011

Evil Is as Evil Doves

British prime minister David Cameron recently received a lot of unjustified and unnecessary criticism from malevolent commentators in the media for inviting representatives from a number of arms manufacturers and dealers to accompany him on his tour of Middle Eastern countries. This criticism was the result of biased, selective and partial coverage of the prime minister's tour that deliberately neglected to mention or obscured from the British public's gaze the full and diverse range of invitees who accompany the PM on all overseas tours, thereby skewing the interpretation of the prime minister's motives. As a corrective, we here at Conservative Party Central Office have compiled a list and brief profile of the charities, NGOs, and various other humanitarian organizations that have a constant and trusted place in the prime minister's entourage:

Slave the Children: A long-established and much-respected charity that aims to encourage the untrammeled movement of free labour across international boundaries.

The Peace Sledge Union: Promoting self-esteem and unity among former colonies by teaching them cricket and then losing to them.

War on War on Want: "We believe that the best way to alleviate poverty is by stimulating competition between humanitarian agencies in a good-spirited race to the bottom."

UNICELF: Helping those who help themselves.

Oxfat: Thirty years of service dedicated to fighting Third World obesity.

The World Food Pogrom: The fewer the people, the more food there is to go round.

CAFODE: Enriching the Third World with used TVs from Essex.

GOAL: Hoping to rescue the next George Weah and give him a British passport.

Caratas: Promoting the importance of hygiene in daily life and transparency in business by washing the blood off blood diamonds.

Médecins Dans Frontières: A highly respected front organization committed to the shipping of generic drugs overseas at proprietary brand prices, thereby making everyone feel better.

Crócaire: Leading a ground-breaking initiative, inspired by the so-called Green Revolution, to help the sick, moribund, and already dead to lead useful afterlives (as fertilizer).

Hurt the Aged: Creating demographic space in countries with massive youth unemployment by giving them the economic space to flourish.

Amnasty International: Helping prisoners of conscience escape their conscience.

Comic Relief: Saving the careers of poverty-stricken comedians unable to secure voiceover jobs or work on gameshows.

and of course

The Young Conservatives: Looking for prospective wealthy donors with a penchant for horsey gals from the shires.

Anyone wishing to impugn the prime minister or cast aspersions upon the nobility of his actions need only consider the extent of his philanthropy, as implied by the above list, and draw their own conclusions.

Thank you.

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Paul said...

Don't forget:
Doctor Tomatoes – In their quest to feed the world’s orphans with all the genetically modified produce they can eat.

Plage Concern – because everyone has the right to turd-free beaches.

The Big Tissue – working towards a global solution for globule problem: snot.

Lemon Aid – for when your life turns sour.

Paul said...

... and what entourage would be complete without at least one baldy short-arse championing the need to Shave the Children...

... although, to be honest, The Salivating Army leave me cold.

Matt Pseudo said...

You're not coming back, are you? I thought you'd only popped out for milk and ciggies.

Damn shame, I have to say.

Prenderghast said...

Bless you, Matt, we're still here, just on hiatus. Recharging the humour batteries. Thank you for the kind comment.