September 15, 2009

Gone with the Wind Section

MOJO magazine has just announced the line-up for January's Wouldntstock Festival for tribute acts in Nottingham:

Thin Lizznt

Not Chocolate

Aint Etienne

Not Was Not Was

The False Alarm

Fake Jackeray

The Replacement Killers (Killers tribute band)

The Replacements Killers (Replacements tribute band)

The No-Gos

Can't (Can tribute band)

Yeah Yeah Not


The Bootles (Bootleg Beatles tribute band)

The Others of Invention

and headlining

The Real Ono Band

Any additions?

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hughgreen said...

First batch got swallowed, let's try again:

The Teardrop Implodes
Won't.I'm.Not from the Unscathed Peas
Homeless (A House tribute band)
The Kings Of The Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Past Kings Of Spain
The Minus Minus 5 (not to be confused with the inferior Plus 5)
Jonathan Poorman And The Medieval Haters
Jane's Aversion
Nothing Happens
Jackson Brownish

Prenderghast said...

Hi Hugh!

Hah! Won't.I'm.Not is close to genius.

You missed Nothing But the Girl.


hughgreen said...

Marvin Straighte
Faith Once Again
Simmer Against The Machine
Yo No La Tengo
Vampire Friday Afternoon After Work
Sanity (Madness tribute)

Andrew said...

The Lightness
I'm Not Kloot
Mainstreet Men
Miniscule Attack
James Beige
Relatively Straightforward (Tricky tribute act)
Gavrilo Princip (Franz Ferdinand tribute act)
Girls Subdued
Oh, not you too
On an Even Keel These Days? (Therapy? tribute act)
The Amiable Meeting (The Clash tribute act)
Oyster Marmalade
Billy Modestt
Smiles for Bravery

Admin said...

The Grateful Undead vs
The Ungrateful Dead
The Bungles
Uhu (the fake Aha)
The Futons
Deep Purplish
Buck Jeffly
Neil Old

Prenderghast said...

I think everyone's kinda missing the idea here. You take the name of a band and modify it in order to incorporate an negative: Saint Etienne becomes Aint Etienne. Hot Chocolate becomes Not Chocolate. It's not a case of just inserting antonyms.

cakes said...

The Sensibles.

cakes said...

Shan't Nah Nah

Prenderghast said...

Well done Cakes. ;-)

Martin said...

Different Strokes

Martin said...

And not forgetting the German Bootleg Beatles Tribute Band who only play songs from Yellow Submarine.

Das Bootles