November 04, 2008


Presenting Golf Magazine's Readers' Poll of the Seven Most Memorable Moments of the 20th Century

7: Berlin, April 1945: Adolf Hitler's bunker shot on the 13th.

"Nobody who was there will ever forget it." A. Mason, Tupelo.

6: Belfast, March 1988: Michael Stone's Milltown Chip and Run.

"Impressively aggressive approach play when all the elements were against him. Crazy stuff." M. Boyle, Baltimore.

5: Bolivia, October 1967: Che Guevara meets his match.

"Generally known as someone who preferred the long grass, Guevara found himself in the jungle once too often, the unfamiliar and unforgiving Bolivian terrain finally catching up with him. Several disastrous rounds brought an abrupt end to the Argentine's involvement in the South American Tour." R. Carmichael, Hawaii.

4: Paris, October 31st, 1997: Princess Diana's short drive our of bounds.

"It's still difficult to understand how she got as far as she did considering the dodgy driver she was using." C. Winch, San Diego.

3: Los Angeles, June 12, 1994: O.J. Simpson's double bogey after a sliced approach.

"Simpson already had a bit of a reputation as a hacker, so it was no surprise when his gloves didn't even fit. What was a surprise was the insistence of his defence that he didn't make the cut." P. Moore, Kansas City.

2: Austria, October 11, 2008: Jorg Haider crashes and burns in the 2008 VW Golf Classic.

"Was foul play involved? Who cares when a performance like this makes so many people so happy?" G. Winstanley, St. George's Hill.

1: Dallas, November 22, 1963. Lee Harvey Oswald stuns an incredulous crowd.

"Even today, you'll find people who just don't believe it possible that Oswald made that tricky third hole in Dallas. From where he was playing and given his choice of iron, he couldn't possibly have generated the head speed we see on the film footage. Pure magic." L. B. Johnson, Detroit.

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