July 25, 2008

It's the Friday Quiz!!

Who was responsible for making the following statement this week, and under what circumstances?

"If I'm honest, it's comes as a great relief. You wouldn't believe the number of arseholes and nutters I've had to associate with in recent years."

Was it

(a) Bill Gates talking about his retirement from Microsoft?

(b) Former Golden Girl Estelle Getty on her deathbed?

(c) Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic upon being unmasked as alternative therapist Dragan Dabic?

(d) Margaret Curran, defeated Labour candidate in the Glasgow by-election?

(e) Emma Bunton on her new role as co-host on Richard & Judy?

(f) Finnish defender Teemu Tainio on his move to Sunderland?


(g) Someone else entirely discussing something else entirely? (Answers in Comments box, please)

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Martin said...

Wasn't it dominatrix Woman E at the end of Max Mosley's court case?

J.J said...

I know it will be my line when I get to retire.

problemchildbride said...

Barack Obama on getting away from it all in Germany.

ganching said...

Was it someone who decided to give up blogging?

prenderghast said...

Well done, everyone. The correct answer this week was, of course, (h) all of the above.