April 05, 2008

You Wouldn't Call a Dog That

Winners in the Best in Show Category at Crufts for the past 11 years

2007: Moxie Crimefighter (Chihuahua)

2006: Jazz Domino (Shih-tzu)

2005: Astrella Celeste (Border Collie)

2004: Shiloh Nouvel (Cocker Spaniel)

2003: Audio Science (Miniature Schnauzer)

2002: Luna Coco Patricia (Yorkshire Terrier)

2001: Kar-El Coppola (Afghan Hound)

2000: Pilot Inspektor (Dachshund)

1999: Willow Camille Reign (Bichon Frisé)

1998: Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (Dalmatian)

1997: Peaches Geldof (Cross Irish Bitch)

Now, do you see what we did there?

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cakes said...

A propos of nothing, I was in Pets At Home this lunchtime, trying to buy a collar for our cat, and noticed that there is a product called Bitch Spray. Don't you want some of that?

Mandrake said...

Frankly I think that's entirely inappropriate and misogynistic language to use. It isn't even funny.

You owe Ms Geldof a grovelling apology.

prenderghast said...

Come off it mandrake. We're just calling a Spade a Spade.

Rosie said...

you're making me broody.

prenderghast said...

Apologies, Rosie. But at least you won't be short of names!